How to build a chatflow clone within a day

Take node-red you get a flow engine and designer .
The get some mode-red modules.
Faacebook Messenger
Telegram, FB/Slack Messenger combined
Then we got nodes like

Chat channels

Wait, what about NLU. There are some prebuild integration. from facebook from google
Nodes contains ms-luis
big pack for IBM watson includes NLU
You want hot-word activation?
Snowboy it is. can make it, too.

Now. you have one chatflow clone with flow from node-red. NLU from facebook/google/ibm. with lots available node at

At the end you have to know. Node-red is single processed flow environment. If you want to run many flows, pick a docker/service management to do it, or use something like FRED, depends on what you need.


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